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Welcome! visitors, friends and future guild members to our faction website. Below is a brief summary for you and many others to gain a little understanding about us.

History: Vindicate was established in the Spring of 2010 by a group of close friends who wanted to create a faction where the atmosphere evolved around friendship, loyalty, kindness, competitiveness, and above all, a place to have fun. Many considered our birth as a direct result of the Nefarious problem period, and indeed our existence would not have been a reality if it wasn't for the changes that took place. However, to live in the past and see many of our friends disperse into other factions was frustrating and at the same time saddening. Instead of giving up, through desire and hard work, we hope Vindicate will truly become a place where it can be called a "sanctuary" for all old and new friends.

Why Join Vindicate: To come help create a home for players. A place where we can come on and say hi & have fun with no attachment (not serious one). A place where we can help each other get to where we are and where we want to be. A place where friendship and honestly is more valued than what gear you wear.

How will we get there: By recruiting people who cherish many of the qualities below. necy our Director is nice enough to list some of them!

........................Friendship, something I cherished, it is one of the rare thing that cant be bought with anything, not coins not money. Of course I do not deny coins or money can buy companionship but ultimately it all comes to each individual what do u really want?

........................Loyalty, not something easy. This can't be given and no one can demand this from anyone. It is given freely and it builds up with time. After all what kind of friendship would we create if we are not loyal to our friends

........................Understanding, understand each individual has his/her own personality and everyone has their own priorities.

........................Trust, this cant be given like Loyalty, trust grows stronger with time or broken in time. But through desire and continuous effort, trust can be gained.

The road to success is a long journey, however it is the expereince along the way that will be remembered forever. We hope many of you are willing to take a chance and journey along with us cheers.

Signed ~ Vindicate Officers & Members
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